Pitti Immagine Uomo 95

Pitti Immagine Uomo

The 95th Pitti Immagine Uomo was held in Florence, Italy, in January 2019, and Echizenya was there showing off its best at this iconic men’s fashion exhibition.

This season too, we were pleased to showcase the stylish Calzoni line of casual apparel at the January 2019 Pitti Immagine Uomo in Florence, Italy—arguably the world’s largest and most prestigious exhibition of menswear fashion. This marked our tenth Pitti Immagine Uomo appearance since debuting in 2004. A focus of worldwide attention, the exhibition was a highlight of our 70th anniversary commemorations.
Looking ahead to the 2019 fall/winter season, the quality-casual wear exhibited was in the British-chic tradition, with silhouettes conveying refined relaxation and overall evoking the best of the late 1980s and early 1990s. All of these quality products are produced in our own factory—the only one of its kind in Japan—with weaves and textiles that have been developed in-house.
Handled by Echizenya, agent for all of our overseas operations, Calzoni wear is designed to Italian sensibilities and manufactured to Japanese quality standards. Little wonder they attract more and more international buyers every year.
Little wonder they are featured in leading stores and select boutiques throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. Little wonder they are so sought-after by a steadily growing fan base.

Pitti Immagine Uomo

Echizenya Collection 2019 SS

  • High Rise Gurkha
    Classic Line
    High Rise Gurkha
    Classic 2 Pleats

    Wool 100%
    High count Gabadine

  • High Rise Back Adjuster
    Classic Line
    High Rise Back Adjuster
    Classic 2 Pleats

    Cotton 100%
    Shonhhel BISHU-Denim
    The ECHIZENYA Denim

  • High Rise Side Adjuster
    Classic Line
    High Rise Side Adjuster
    Classic 2 Pleats

    Shonhhel 3-ply mat
    The ECHIZENYA Trousers

  • High Rise Gurkha
    Classic Line
    High Rise Gurkha
    Classic 2 Pleats

    Cotton 54% Linen 46%
    Classic Cotton Linen

  • Relaxed Fit
    Advance Line
    Relaxed Fit
    One Plesat Rib model

    Cotton 97% Polyurethane 3%
    Fake wool

  • Airy Comfort
    Advance Line
    Airy Comfort
    Design 2 Pleats

    Cotton 99% Polyurethane 1%
    Polyester 100%
    Airy Seersucker chino

  • Slim tapered ECHIZENYA Model
    Proposal Line
    Slim tapered ECHIZENYA Model
    Slim No pleat

    Cotton 100%
    Soft bulky Cubee Cotton
    (new Summer Color)

  • Slim tapered
    Proposal Line
    Slim tapered
    Slin No pleat

    Linen 100%
    Special finished Linen Denim

N.B: Actual designs are colors may vary slightly from those shown.


Where the artisan’s dream of creating global-standard slacks
that every fashionista will love has come true.

Bringing together all of the best of Eminento’s nearly seven decades as a specialist in great men’s slacks: this is Echizenya.
The Matsuura factory both preserves the best of the fabrication tradition and evolves the rest to make it even better.
As a result, it turns out quality products equal to those from the meister’s very hands.
Despite being produced in a factory setting, every pair goes through over 150 precision fabrication steps
with intense attention to detail to produce peerless apparel for people who care.
Building upon tradition to develop the technology and artistic skills needed for quality’s evolution, this is future-ready apparel today.

Echizenya: Supremely wearable and cutting-edge stylish

  • dress pants

    The waistline curve fits smoothly to provide a comfortable, stylish wearing experience.
    Button holes are finished from the back to impart a heightened sense of top-flight excellence.
    Adding a touch of assurity, there is a pin loop in the front to hold the belt and buckle firmly in place with zero slippage.

  • dress pants

    All are garment-dyed to give them a faded look—an “I’ve always dressed this well” look.
    Utmost attention is also paid to linings and lining patterns, and the stitching along the waistline adds another fashion statement.

  • dress pants

    Of course there are pockets, but they are double-welt for a completely natural curve that stays good-fitting all the time and enhances the graceful lines.
    The back pockets are positioned a little higher than most slacks.
    Even when you sit down, the things in your pockets are no comfort-impediment.
    At the same time, these designer pockets serve to create the appearance of a higher hip line.

  • dress pants

    All buttons have sturdy shanks for buttoning ease. And because they fit snugly, there is no danger of their accidentally becoming unbuttoned, meaning you always have an additional margin of peace of mind.

Made in Japan

at our Matsuura Factory

Matsuura: Birthplace of world-class quality smart-line "Echizenya" slacks

World-famous for quality, Echizenya slacks are fashioned in Matsuura, Japan. Ever since its establishment in 1949 as a slacks and trousers specialist, Eminento has consistently striven to make the very best products with the very best technology and people. This is now a 65-years-and-counting tradition of quality.

Most of our artisans and other employees are women. A number have attained meister status, accorded only to people with extensive experience and outstanding expertise. They are both deft and meticulous, paying every attention to detail. They are the reason Echizenya slacks look so good and wear so well.

In its quest for ever-better quality, Eminento has developed its own proprietary sewing machines and press equipment. In-process slacks are ironed and inspected at more than a dozen steps along the way to ensure every pair fits perfectly and stays fitting perfectly wear after wear.

Matsuura Factory

Each pair is fashioned to show the flatter Japanese hip line to best advantage
and to flow sleekly down to the cuff line.

Echizenya trousers:
Made in Japan by Japanese
for International market