Pitti Immagine Uomo

Held in Florence, Italy, in January 2017,
the 91th Pitti Immagine Uomo showed once again why the Pitti
Immagine Uomo is one of the
world’s premier menswear fashion exhibition events.

This was the sixth Pitti Immagine Uomo appearance for Echizenya (Calzoni’s overseas brand),
and the brand gains an ever-increasing following and growing legions of admirers with each appearance.
Using exclusive fabrics developed in-house and processed at its own factories,
Calzoni /Echizenya has attracted considerable attention from overseas buyers
for offering Made-in-Japan slacks that embody all of the best of the Japanese quality tradition.

Pitti Immagine Uomo

Echizenya Collection 2017SS


Linen denim

This exquisite blend of sea-island cotton and fine-count linen creates a denim-like fabric perfect for casual slacks. The combination of crisp linen and soft Egyptian cotton means the slacks look sharp but feel soft. And the use of non-indigo dyes ensures the colors stay fast even in the sweltering summer heat.

C/54 L/46  Three colors

JPY25,000+applicable tax

Color Variation


Airy linen

This subtle blend of fine-count cotton and high-quality linen produces light-weight slacks perfect for summer. Being garment-dyed, they have an old-familiar comfort even on the first wearing, and the shadow-stripe pattern adds another layer of distinction.

C/93 L/6 PU/1  Four colors stretchable

JPY22,000+applicable tax

Color Variation


Airy denim

The artful interweave of fine-count cotton and high-quality silk makes these light-weight denim slacks great for beating the summer heat.

C/65 S/35  Two colors

JPY28,000+applicable tax

Color Variation


Carlo Bonomi

Using cotton from the legendary Italian company Carlo Bonomi, these slacks feature a speckled herring-bone pattern for understated elegance. These are great one-tuck slacks to relax in.

C/97 PU/3  Two colors stretchable

税JPY25,000+applicable tax

Color Variation


Neppy oxfords

This is a light-ounce denim produced with pure silk. As such, it has a silky surface feel and luxurious fabric softness. All of this is further enhanced by the trendy two-tuck, beltless design.

S/100  One color

JPY28,000+applicable tax

Color Variation

Echizenya GOLF Collection 2017SS


Cotton Jacquard stretches

This select specialty Jacquard weave lets you express your real self in style, and the garment-dye process means the slacks have an I’ve-always-been-this-way look to them.

C/97 PU/3  Three colors
washable, stretchable, and stretch-waist

JPY24,000+applicable tax

Color Variation

Made in Japan at our Matsuura Factory

Matsuura: Birthplace of world-class quality smart-line “Echizenya” trousers

World-famous for quality, Echizenya trousers are fashioned in Matsuura, Japan. Ever since its establishment in 1949 as a slacks and trousers specialist, Eminento has consistently striven to make the very best products with the very best technology and people. This is now a 65-years-and-counting tradition of quality.

Most of our artisans and other employees are women. A number have attained meister status, accorded only to people with extensive experience and outstanding expertise. They are both deft and meticulous, paying every attention to detail. They are the reason Echizenya trousers look so good and wear so well.

In its quest for ever-better quality, Eminento has developed its own proprietary sewing machines and press equipment. In-process slacks are ironed and inspected at more than a dozen steps along the way to ensure every pair fits perfectly and stays fitting perfectly wear after wear.

Matsuura Factory
Matsuura Factory

Each pair is fashioned to show the flatter Japanese hip line to best advantage
and to flow sleekly down to the cuff line.

Echizenya trousers: Made in Japan by Japanese for International market